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The Society issues full membership to anyone who resides within 15 miles of Worcester City Centre, and, is proposed and seconded by two existing members.  There are also 100 places available to people living outside this catchment.  Honorary membership is available to anyone, regardless of where they reside, for our water at Lower Bishopswood and some limited access on Upper Bishopswood.

In addition the Society issues ‘Day Permits’,  and, ‘Guest Permits’ as described below.  The Society has a thriving junior membership.  However, an adult must accompany all juniors.


‘Day Permits’ for non-members are available for the following venues; the Lower Teme (above Old Powick Bridge); the river Teme at Leigh; and the river Wye at Lower Bishopswood.  ‘Day Permits’ are available from the following sources:-

Alan’s Tackle Shop

26 Malvern Road

St John’s


Wye Angling

Unit 5 Crofts Court



Bishopswood Stores





Salmon permits are available for both Lower Teme and upper and Lower Bishopswood. There is an additional charge of twenty pounds added to the current subscription. Honorary Bishopswood Members may take out a salmon permit for Bishopswood only waters. However, the same restrictions apply as to coarse fishing, regarding which sections of the water can be fished.


‘Guest Permits’ can be purchased by Members of the Society in order to take guests on to Society waters.  Guests must be accompanied by a Member and they are allowed on the following venues; the river Wye at Lower Bishopswood; the Lower Teme (above the Old Powick Bridge); the river Teme at Leigh and Hill Farm Pool at Brockamin.  ‘Guest Permits’ are available from the sources shown on this ‘Welcome’ page.

Guest Permits are issued subject to the following conditions:-

  1. (a)Coarse fishing only

  2. (b)Limit of two permits per member per day

  3. (c)Permits to be granted for specific date

  4. (d)Day permits may be taken out for dates to fish contest, but not eligible for society competitions

  5. (e)Permits are available from the Secretary, Treasurer or Alans Fishing Tackle Shop, Malvern Road, Worcester.


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Worcester Angling Society is believed to be the second oldest coarse angling club in the country and has provided quality fishing to residents of Worcester City since 1838.  It provides a wide variety of angling to anyone residing within a 15 mile radius of the City centre, and there are a limited number of places allocated to anglers that live outside of this boundary.

The Society controls fishing on three beats of the River Teme (renowned for it’s barbel and chub fishing) which total approximately three miles, and two beats on the river Wye at Bishopswood, near Ross-on-Wye.  The Society also owns a pool at Brockamin near Leigh, which offers fishing for carp, roach, rudd, bream and tench.